What is Mica?

Optical use Isolation

Structure and composition

Mica is the mineralogical collective term for a group of minerals with common structural and chemical properties. In structural terms, it is the fundamental cleavage in a plane into thin , tough and resilient leaflets.

The color distribution is the following:

  • Muscovite : colorless or light colored in green , ruby, red and brown
  • Phlogopite : amber ( Amber mica ) , brown , gray or green

Application areas of mica

There are basically two different applications for mica :

On the one hand , these is the optical use. Here are individual sheets used as protective glass for sight glasses of water level and level gauges.
Though the installation of the mica disc facing the medium side, the corresponding glass is protected from high pressures , temperatures and the associated erosion of the surface.
Further, the mica also provides protection against aggressive media , such as bases , acids or alkalis .

Mica packets are used as a substitute for glass at pressures from PN 63 and high temperatures.

On the other hand mica is also used in the electrical industry as a thermal insulation and insulator .

Despite all the advantages that speak for the use of mica , it should not be forgotten that this is a natural product, which differ in color and surface finish and can include mineral / organic inclusions . Further, mica is a wear part.